This week I finally declare my love for nbchannibal​ try to make sense of Hannibal, the serious show, and the Fannibals, it’s very silly fandom. Instead, I get lost in a haze of puppies. 

But seriously, the Fannibals are some of my favorite fans. They were the first ones to respond to my request for more fandom blogs to follow and now my dash is mostly Hannibal. And I’m a little afraid. 

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Tumblr or Yahoo Inc. - just a fan who spends too much time on the aforementioned website. I also make no claim to “Hannibal” or any of it’s related media. I sincerely do not want to be made into dinner. 

(Video also contains bonus karaoke this week. You’ll see)

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Anonymous asked
hello aggy, hope you're having a good time! if you got to pick a scene from one of your stories, original or fanfic, to be illustrated, which would it be?

Wow, excellent question. I’m not sure I have an answer for that! I tend to imagine my stories as more of a live-action thing rather than freeze frame snapshots. (Although, berry-muffin did SUPER adorable fanart of one of my fave scenes from Beauty and the Ex.)

Hmmmmm, this is a total cop-out, but perhaps I should open this question up to all of you. What scene from one of my stories would you all pick to be illustrated?

Anonymous asked
Dear Aggybird, if you put your Sparrow Through the Heart series on AO3, I can read it on the kindle my bestie's jerk ex gave me for no reason. This would give me great pleasure. Please consider it? *puppy eyes*

Aaaah, that is a thing that I would love to do, but the story needs hella editing before I release it into the wilds of AO3! 

However, some enterprising soul decided at some point to turn my story into a downloadable thing. It’s not exactly official, but you can download it in a couple versions from Goodreads.

Someday, I’ll re-release an edited version of this story along with its sequel featuring Stone and Robin. ;D

Anonymous asked
Can you imagine what Dylan's babies are gonna look like? O_O So much cute.




A week ago this would have been devastating. Now I’m picturing them coming out of the womb with patchy stubble and over-gelled hair.

(Oh God don’t let Spaggel see this she will bring this nightmare to life and our eyeballs will never be the same because she loves drawing ugly babies and/or making us cry.)











Since I had someone get all up in my bubble about the fact that I didn’t reply to their comments on AO3, just an FYI folks: I have had and will continue to have comment notifications turned off.

I don’t always handle feedback well, and this keeps me from obsessively checking my email and worrying myself daily. Not that I don’t love and appreciate people who leave feedback because you are awesome for taking the time out of your day to do so, but I only manually check out the comments on my fics like… maybe once a month. Maybe once every two months. Mostly because I have to psych myself up to get through the inevitable criticisms peppered throughout the nice stuff.

SO, what I’m saying is, if you want to ask me a question, you’re better off emailing me or using the ask box. :/




season 1 ian and mickey: same height 

season 2 ian and mickey: slight height difference

season 3 ian and mickey: visible height difference let me roll around in all the height difference







season 4: height difference becomes so noticeable there are tears perpetually falling from my eyes


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