maybe i’m in the minority



but i really wish people in fandom would be more honest.

‘i hate this pairing because it deviates from my head canon that my OTP are in love.’

‘i hate this female character because, like all women in patriarchal societies, i struggle with internalised misogyny and it’s easier for me to hate her than to accept this canonical pairing that’s different from my OTP’ (and/or ‘because i’ve been raised to believe this female character exhibits traits that are bad in women but good in men’).

‘i want to write a fic about the break up of a canonical pairing that demonises the female character because i want the male character to remain the Good Guy so the other character in my OTP can justifiably be in love with him. this story makes me feel good. it comforts me.’

see also: liking problematic things does not make you a bad person.

‘I want to read fic where a male character is feminized, infantilized, and treated like a cherished possession, because I struggle every single day to make my way in the world as a woman and an adult, and it’s hard, and it’s tiring.  And I want to do it. And I will do it.  But there’s still that part of me, uneradicated, that has internalized a tiny seed of a misguided idea that it would be easier, better - less of a struggle - for a woman to stay home barefoot and pregnant, while someone takes care of her.  I don’t want this for myself.  I know that nothing about that, in real life, is easy.  I’m uncomfortable enough with it that I have to displace the actual explicit gender out of it in order to read it.  But this is  what I want to read.’

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