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Anonymous asked
Oh hey you have anonymous turned on. I just wanted to inquire about Greg. No pressure. Just letting you know I still love that story. Okay. Bye.

Lol, no worries. I have a love/hate relationship with anon, but I know it can help folks who feel shy.

Yep, Greg is still simmering away. I even posted a snippet a few days ago! I think it’s about #5 or #6 on the to-do list at this point. I love that story so much, but it’s been really hard to return to the same headspace. (I mean, I started writing that back when I was 19? or so? and wow have my life and experiences changed me since then.) I’m getting there though, and I’m always so thankful for the folks that have stuck around. 

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greggggg the vamppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(((( what's uuup

aaaaaaaah, I KNOW, it is a beast of a story for me to get back into. it’s over 110K right now, which includes bits that I’ve never posted. Believe it or not, the ending AND the epilogue are done! but there is probably another 40K of story left to write MAYBE MORE. like, there are a few more incidents at the orphanage, more shade about the villain, the ANGSTY REVEAL of something that’s been hinted at since the beginning, betrayal and sadness! then a badass showdown with the villain and some MORE angst. then reconciliation. and also sex. 

soooooo, what i’m saying is, it is slow going, but i do have a plan. i’m still working on some other projects. if they go somewhere and i don’t get rejected and have all my self-confidence CRUSHED like rock candy beneath a workboot, then greg is right there, next on the list.

in the meantime, here is a LEGIT draft scene where Greg and Luce finally wise up and use their words. the snippet is not terribly spoilery (i think we all know that luce and greg like each other???? i hope that has been made clear in the writings???), and this scene may be subject to change in later revisions, but HERE YA GO: